Dog Soccer Players and Brazil World Cup

2014 FIFA World Cup is in progress, some of the teams got great results but some of the teams have to leave with regret.

There is another team is ready, and they will prove they are the champion of this world cup. Let’s check each player of the team.

brazil-world-cup-dog-02 brazil-world-cup-dog-03 A Yorkshire Terrier named Lula wears an Argentine soccer jersey at a pet clothing store ahead of the 2014 World Cup, in Buenos Aires brazil-world-cup-dog-05 brazil-world-cup-dog-06 brazil-world-cup-dog-07

brazil-world-cup-dog-08 brazil-world-cup-dog-09 brazil-world-cup-dog-10 brazil-world-cup-dog-11


The Unique Two-Faced Cat Venus

Each cat is unique, Venus the cat is especially unique for its two-faced looking and two different eye colors.


The sweet kitten has a rare genetic trait called chimerism, in which a single organism is composed of genetically distinct cells leading to variations in form. The chemerism is even in her eyes. The right side of her face is colored black with a green eye, while the left is a golden blonde with a blue-colored eye.


HTTP Status Dogs with Codes

If you are a programmer working at a website, you may be very familar with these HTTP status code. For instance, 404 means a link or page does not exist and 200 means Ok.
You may never thought these coding HTTP status code can be associated with cute dogs.
Believe it or not, this is really amazing. Check out the complete http status dogs list and confirm whether they can be used in your code.

http-status-dogs-100-300x230 http-status-dogs-200-300x230 http-status-dogs-201-300x230http-status-dogs-2021-300x230 http-status-dogs-2031-300x230 http-status-dogs-2041-300x230 http-status-dogs-206-300x230 http-status-dogs-207-300x230 http-status-dogs-208-300x230 http-status-dogs-226-300x230 http-status-dogs-300-300x230 http-status-dogs-301-300x230 http-status-dogs-302-300x230 http-status-dogs-303-300x230 http-status-dogs-304-300x230 http-status-dogs-305-300x230 http-status-dogs-306-300x230 http-status-dogs-307-300x230 http-status-dogs-308-300x230 http-status-dogs-400-300x230 http-status-dogs-401-300x230 http-status-dogs-402-300x230 http-status-dogs-403-300x230 http-status-dogs-404-300x230 http-status-dogs-405-300x230 http-status-dogs-406-300x230 http-status-dogs-407-300x230 http-status-dogs-408-300x230 http-status-dogs-409-300x230 http-status-dogs-410-300x230 http-status-dogs-411-300x230 http-status-dogs-412-300x230 http-status-dogs-413-300x230 http-status-dogs-414-300x230 http-status-dogs-416b-300x230 http-status-dogs-417-300x230 http-status-dogs-418-300x230 http-status-dogs-420-300x230 http-status-dogs-422-300x230 http-status-dogs-423-300x230 http-status-dogs-424-300x230 http-status-dogs-425-300x230 http-status-dogs-426-300x230 http-status-dogs-429-300x230 http-status-dogs-431-300x230 http-status-dogs-444-300x230 http-status-dogs-450-300x230 http-status-dogs-451-300x230 http-status-dogs-494-300x230 http-status-dogs-500-300x230 http-status-dogs-501-300x230 http-status-dogs-502-300x230 http-status-dogs-503-300x230 http-status-dogs-504-300x230 http-status-dogs-506-300x230 http-status-dogs-507b-300x230 http-status-dogs-508-300x230 http-status-dogs-509-300x230 http-status-dogs-510-300x230


HTTP Status Dogs

How to protect your dogs during Fireworks Display

Fireworks will light up the sky on those great holidays such as July 4th, it is a cool way to Celebrate the holidays. Unfortunately, fireworks can be traumatic for dogs. The hearing of dogs is 10 times more sensitive than humans so they react strongly to fireworks. The loud noises and bright explosions of light can cause fear, stress and anxiety.


Dog owners are suggested to leave their dogs at home until fireworks display is over.

The following steps should be considered if you can see or hear the forworks from your home.

1. Bring your dogs indoors, the paws of your dogs can be injured while they are trying to escape the fearful situation.

2. Crate your dog if he or her is used to being crated to ensure their safety even if they are in the house.

3. Close doors, windows, drapes and blinds to block out flashing lights.

Smart Pit Bull Dog Showed Excellent Canine Skills

Dog dancing, also known as musical canine freestyle, is a modern dog sport that is a mixture of obedience training, tricks, and dance that allows for creative interaction between dogs and their owners.


In this video, this talented pitbull showed us his amazing canine abilities. The dog performed an incredibly sweet routine together with his dancing partner, a belly dancer.

E!’s Cutest Cat 2014: Nonna

The winner of E! ‘s Cutest Cat of 2014 has been announced and the final winner is Nonna!


There are hundreds of submissions from the readers via Twitter. After three rounds of voting, the official winner of the kitty contest is confirmed Nonna.

Nonna is a sweet kitten with beautiful eyes, and she got over 50 percent of all the votes. Nonna was rescued by Katie_liz13, who found her through on Black Friday.
Congratulations to Nonna, you are E!’s cutest cat of 2014!
Other Top two cutest cats are Fiona and Hutch, they are very cute as well.


This is not a pig, she is a Dog with the name Pig

You may think this is a pig at your first glance, but in fact she is a little 8-month-old unusual looking dog from Alabama.


Pig was born in a wooded area in metro Atlanta, she is smaller than her siblings at only 15 or so pounds. Her many bones are tragically fused together.
She has gangly legs, and her body appears to have been chopped in half. Dillenbeck found the dog and brought her home, she picked the name Pig for the puppy for its unusual appearance.


Pig loves to run and play like any other dog, she doesn’t appear to be in pain. We hope Pig lives a happy life.

More detailed content about Pig at